S.K.I.P. Violence Ohio


Westside Community Health Advisory Committee

 The Westside Community Health Advisory Committee (WCHAC) was established in 2006 by neighborhood residents and others, to provide advice, direction and information, in order to promote community health improvements in zip code areas 43204, 43223 and 43228.

The Westside Community Health Advisory Committee’s mission is to create an ongoing awareness of the major health concerns and issues affecting the residents of the neighborhoods on the Westside and to progressively seek and promote the benefits of healthy lifestyle behaviors.

A community based, non profit, grassroots group, the WCHAC is committed to improving and supporting healthy lives within Westside neighborhoods by working with various partners who provide education, prevention, promotion and access to health care.

Supported by the WCHAC and others, the Stop Killing and Injuring People (SKIP) project increases neighborhood awareness of the problem of violence occurring on the West side of Columbus. Posters, short videos and “world café” style conversations will be used to empower community residents to take the initiative to help prevent violence in their neighborhoods. Locations for the “community conversations” will include barber/beauty shops, recreation centers, faith based institutions, youth serving agencies, area immigrant/refugee serving agencies, and other locations as appropriate.

The project attempts to equip West side neighborhood residents with the tools, resources and partnerships necessary to empower them with the ability to take action to ultimately reduce and/or prevent violent acts occurring within their neighborhoods.


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