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Background Information

Skip means Stop Killing and Injuring People and in reverse it means Passionate Individuals Keeping Safe. This campaign is an opportunity for the Westside Community Health Advisory to take a preventive health and early intervention approach to a serious issue that is impacting the community where we live and work. 

Many of the Westside residents want to live in peace, but each year many of them become the victims of violence. Some are infants and others are our senior citizens. They are abused, beaten, raped, assaulted, and even killed.

We can recognize the fact that the consequences of violence can be severe:

  • Physical injury or death.
  • Chronic health conditions: such as the correlations between domestic violence and health conditions such as arthritis, chronic neck, back and pelvic pain, migraine headaches and stomach ulcers.
  • Broken families, and the emotional devastation that occurs, both for adults and children.
  • Increased health care expenditures: i.e. the health-related costs of rape, physical assault, stalking, and homicide by intimate partners

This issue profoundly affects the public’s health and the Westside Community Health Advisory is committed to the prevention of violence as well as other health behaviors and violence issues, such as substance abuse and dating violence which are not only on the rise but also contribute to violence in our community.

This is the Westside Community Health Advisory’s opportunity to direct prevention messages to the residents in our community.  The public health approach of preventing and responding to violence is multi-faceted, and involves all of us and the various agencies we serve.

As we move forward I am looking for support on this new endeavor to the fundamental principle that all women, children and men have the human right to be healthy and safe, especially in their own homes.


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